Here is a new track I produced last month, it’s called “Birds + Trains (5.30AM Sunrise Field Rec)”. The title kind of says it all. It was 5.30AM, sunrise time, I was doing some field recording of quiet morning birds when it all suddenly got disrupted by the passage of the fist early morning trains.

i didn’t give up – I manipulated and remixed the samples anyway, and the result is a deep dark hypnotic track that wanders somewhere between experimental ambient noise and a distant dark rave. I love it, I hope you’ll like it too.

The original base image for the cover art was AI generated, but… after spending quite a bit of time crafting the perfect prompt to have (in brief) a “bullet train flying in the sky at sunrise and crashing into a flock of birds bla bla bla”, and trying several generative AI tools and all kind of filters, I ended up designing the cover myself on Photoshop, as usual.

Enough with words, check out the track here below. Enjoy the sunrise.



This is not a commercial production, just me having fun in production. Copyright is mine, but the track is out there, also available for free download on SoundCloud, “covered” by a Creative Commons licence. Do whatever you like with it, just let me know as I’m curious.