Playing trance and psy-trance is definitely fun. I still prefer progressive techno, but every time I play trance I definitely feel its power on decks. And on the dancefloor. I have been going to Boom Festival, home to psychedelic and psy-trance culture, for the last three editions. Being the festival a biannual event, I’ve been a “boomer” for the last 6 years, and I feel that it’s about time for a little homage to the Boom community, of both boomers and musicians. We are One.

Here are some of my favorite “classic” Boom artists: Zen Mechanics, Loud, Ace Ventura, E-Clip, Avalon, and many others – plus some good recent Goa trance and a couple of progressive trance tunes, all mixed up with some massive pounding hypnotic techno – enough to create a synergy with trance and to make it “smell like Boom spirit”.

A little “numerology trick” here, and another homage to last year’s Boom Festival edition. Boom 2016 was all about the numerology of number 3. 33,333 participants tickets, 3,333 admissions to Utopia the after-Boom and, unfortunately, 3 casualties among the participants of the festival. This is why you’ll find this trance mix to be “cut” at exactly 3 hours, 33 minutes, 33 seconds and 333 milliseconds – which means the total play time is 3:33:33:333. =)


:: Come with Us (Lish Remix) – Ace Ventura + Zen Mechanics
:: Underbeat (Future Frequency Remix) – Astrix
:: Sacred Rituals – Mindbenderz
:: Idanha – Kundalini
:: Mother (Fur Coat Remix) – Denis Horvat
:: Spectrum (Original Mix) – Akoustik
:: Telemetry – Audiotec + Zen Mechanics
:: Timewarp Outsiders (Remix) – Avalon + Sinerider
:: Vertigo – Spirit Architect
:: Africa 101 (Original Mix) – Loud
:: Area 51 – Foxmind
:: Shivatron – Porat
:: Pranava – Ace Ventura + Astrix
:: Sundowning – E-Clip vs. Zen Mechanics
:: Wake Bake – Avalon + Laughing Buddha
:: Aardvarkk – Bugpowder
:: From Another Perspective – Easy Riders + Suntree
:: Future Memories (Antinomy Rmx) – Audiotec
:: High Hopes – Symbolic Outsiders
:: Network (Skyfall Remix) – Zen Mechanics + Loud
:: Extinction – Quazax
:: Time Travellers – Egorythmia + E-Clip
:: Mechanical Dreams – Zen Mechanics + Audiotec
:: Colors – Vini Vici + Tristan + Avalon
:: Delta – Sound Machine
:: Teleporter – Avalon
:: Lost Gravity (Silent Sphere Remix) – Liquid Soul
:: Flying Objects – E-Clip + Zyce
:: Sorrow – Goa Luni
:: Stardust – ProtoDrive
:: Vertebra (1.2 Pitch Bend Remix) – Captain Hook
:: – Astrix
:: Chapati – UnderCover
:: Pipeworm (Loud & Domestic Remix) – Hallucinogen & Lucas O’Brien
:: Vision Quest – Mindbenderz
:: Smell of Acid (Righteous Rainbows of Togetherness Remix) – Astrocolor

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This mix is just for fun and not for commercial use. Copyright for each tune is owned by their respective artists and/or publishers. The lettering of “Boom” in the cover art of this mix I think it’s copyrighted by the Boom Festival, and the image layered in its background is part of the imagery used by Boom festival for the 2016 festival, that I have remixed for the studio mix cover. For more info on copyright see this page.