Cinematographic motionless electronica for dreamscapes.

Burningmax DJ blog

The rhythm is missing,
but you can still dance to it.
At least in your head.

burningmax-haiku by Burningmax

Ambient electronic music is fascinating, if you manage not to fall asleep to it.

A true contemporary classic, specially when it’s not new age stuff or elevator crap.

Listen, download, share and enjoy. Headphones and a very comfortable environment recommended.

  • Post Pandemic Music Therapy
  • Opioid Chilldance
  • Burningmax presents AGNIXAM :: Spiritual Dance
  • Monegros Chilled Beats
  • Burningmax Live @ Burning Man 2013 :: Love Potion Ambient Session
  • Burningmix 09 :: (Almost) Beatless
Burningmax special projects :: Remixes


Remixes and reworks of some amazing tunes, and a tribute to some of the producers I love.

Burningmax special projects :: 420 Sessions


A few stoner downbeat sessions to celebrate that 420 moment of international celebration.

Burningmax special projects :: In-flight Entertainment


My solution to those long boring flights and trips: make a new mix to creatively kill time.

Burningmax special projects :: Love / Hate


Exploring the duality of chill and rave with no middle measure. Dedicated to all bipolar ravers.