Earlier this week I ended up at the hospital’s emergency room for an acute pain crisis. Nothing serious, but I’ve been severely sedated, and the doctor prescribed me a couple of weeks of absolute rest, and plenty of pills, including very powerful opioids for the pain.

So this morning I followed the doctor’s orders and I popped my pills, plugged into Traktor, put the headphones on, and I immersed myself for 3 hours into a psychedelic chill state that I would love to share. Enjoy it, with or without the chemical support!

Note: opioid prescriptions are bad and very addictive. Try to keep them at large if you can, and always ask your doctor for alternative pain relief methods, whenever possible. If you really must, then do not abuse. You can definitely abuse dancing, it’s really good for you.


:: Back to Work (Xen Revox) – Naduve
:: Waters of Monaco – ZHU
:: Parallaxis (Traumprinz’ Over 2 the End Version) – Efdemin
:: Turn2U – Kidnap
:: La Dorada – Tibi Dabo
:: Dschuna (Dixon Mix) – Vermont
:: Seeds – Westseven
:: Cola (Club Mix) – CamelPhat + Elderbrook
:: The Space Between – Boatman
:: World Color – Gacha Bakradze
:: El Vagabundo Feat. Pablo J (Acid Pauli Remix) – Megablast + Andreas Weisz
:: Can’t Find It (The House Sound) – Matt Karmil
:: FACES – The Blaze
:: Seeing Aliens – DJ Koze
:: Second Breath – Woo York
:: First Stomp (NYC Mix) – Jex Opolis
:: Deeper – Matthew Herbert
:: Barksdale – Maxine
:: Wrong Movements (Circles) – Efdemin
:: Caught in the Crossfire – Just Her
:: Road to San Vicente – Modd
:: Parosse – Ceas
:: Arrival – Volen Sentir
:: And I (feat. Rebekka) – Ender + Yaniel
:: Emptiness – AndrĂ© Lodemann
:: Flares – NUAGE
:: Black Mountain – Marsh
:: Muse – Nicolas Masseyeff
:: Drug Dilling – The/Das
:: Cham Bomb (Photay Remix) – Penya
:: Slow Fade – Daniel Avery
:: Drug Dealers Lullaby – Anxiety Support Group

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This mix is just for fun and not for commercial use. Copyright for each tune is owned by their respective artists and/or publishers. For more info on copyright see this page.