OK, go ahead and tell me that I’m obsessed with Laurent Garnier. Yes I am, he’s really the Master of the dancefloor, no matter the “temporary” dancefloor trends. Also, it’s the spirit of Monsieur Garnier that inspire me, even more than the music itself (that too). Did I tell you that this year I will visit Garnier’s FestivalYEAH! in the South of France, and I have booked two Ableton masterclass sessions with Scan X? =) So guess what’s my new remix about… =)

The original track that I have used as a base for this remix is Scalextric, a massive groove by techno killers Pig+Dan, this time partnering with Alberto Ruiz for the job. As soon as I have heard this tune, I have immediately pictured in my mind as a perfect groove base for Laurent Garnier’s 1993 classic Crispy Bacon. A few loop cuts on my Traktor S4 and the new Evercrispy was born! I hope you enjoy it.

One note: this is the very first take of my Evercrispy remix. Of course I have tried other versions – one at the original Crispy Bacon’s 130 bpm, another one veeeeery slow at 120 bpm, and several versions at 125, 127 and 128 bpms, all different also in terms of loop jamming. But after the long Evercrispy session, I decided to stick with the very first recording, at 126  bpm. Love at first beat, I would say…. =)


I hope you enjoyed the remix – I’m sure you did if you’re an old-schooler! =)

This remix is just for fun and not for commercial use. Copyright for the original tunes is owned by the respective artists and their publishers. For more info on copyright please see this page.