This is my remix of Camilla Pisani’s new single “Techno Drama”, which Camilla just released earlier last month. Check out Camilla’s original track on SoundCloud.

Camilla’s original track is great, with beautiful ambient synth textures and a beat that goes a bit on a secondary plan, before disappearing into the ambient coda of the track.

My remix pushes the track in a more decise dancefloor direction, while still playing, overdubbing and manipulating the original synth tracks created by Camilla. I also brought in a pulsing and “wormholing” beat, and I slapped it upfront, while pushing the tempo to 136 bpm from the original 130.

I also experimented at various speed before getting to this final version, and I have to say that another tempo that was also sounding great, but with a different loops and overlays setup, was 142 bpm. Maybe one day I’ll release it as a “more drama” version. =)

Enjoy the remix, and don’t forget to check out Camilla Pisani works on SoundCloud!


This remix is just for fun and not for commercial use. Copyright for the remixed track is owned by Camilla Pisani and/or her publishers. For more info on copyright see this page.