Techno, Barcelona and cats are a tremendous mix.

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Techno rocks tonight.
The cat in the DJ booth
is supadupa hot.

burningmax-haiku by Burningmax

Suara is one of my favorite techno labels. It’s Barcelona based, and all about cats.

I couldn’t resist offering a tribute, so here is a nice trilogy. I hope you like it. Meaw.

Listen, download, share and enjoy. And dance. Headphones or massive speakers and some pet toys recommended.

Burningmix 19 :: Funky Disco Catz (Suara 3 of 3)

Burningmix 19 :: Funky Disco Catz (Suara 3 of 3)

Third mixdeck in the trilogy series I dedicated to the powerful sound of the Barcelona-based independent label Suara Music, and here we go with another cat cover. After the Groovy Wild Catz and the Acid Catz mixdeck, it’s now time to explore the nu-disco and...

Burningmix 18 :: More Acid Catz (Suara 2 of 3)

Burningmix 18 :: More Acid Catz (Suara 2 of 3)

Another mixdeck totally inspired by Suara Music, and of course another cat cover, just to pay homage to the amazing Barcelona-based label and the now classic artwork of their releases. Yesterday it was about Groovy Wild Catz; my selection for today’s mixdeck...

Burningmix 17 :: Groovy Wild Catz (Suara 1 of 3)

Burningmix 17 :: Groovy Wild Catz (Suara 1 of 3)

Yesterday I published a live DJ set that is tied to one of my saddest memories in DJing, but good thing I also have good ones. Like the day that I decided to explore the entire production of Suara Music, a Barcelona-based independent label that is, as they say on...

Burningmax special projects :: F Trilogy


A classic “chill – dance – rave” studio trilogy dedicated to the mighty F word.

Burningmax special projects :: In-flight Entertainment


My solution to those long boring flights and trips: make a new mix to creatively kill time.

Burningmax special projects :: Mixdecks


My first series of studio DJ sets ever, with which I kicked off this blog back in 2009.

Burningmax special projects :: Love / Hate


Exploring the duality of chill and rave with no middle measure. Dedicated to all bipolar ravers.