Third mixdeck in the trilogy series I dedicated to the powerful sound of the Barcelona-based independent label Suara Music, and here we go with another cat cover. After the Groovy Wild Catz and the Acid Catz mixdeck, it’s now time to explore the nu-disco and funky soul of Suara, with a selection that I’m sure will make you dance like it’s 1979 – or 1999 – or better said 2013, since the Suara sound it’s always infused with a very contemporary massive bass and techno beat, even when they go disco and funky!

With this mixdeck I officially close my trilogy tribute to Suara Music, meaning that starting from the next mix there will be a larger variety of labels included in my mixdecks. But of course I’m now totally hooked with Suara, so you will hear more and more of their sounds, both in my studio mixes and in my live gigs. Specially in the live DJing, because the Suara sound is truly powerful, and designed to make everybody never fucking stop dancing!
Are you ready to dance? 1, 2, 3, Meuw!



:: Yessir / Amy’s Groove (Burningmax Medley) – James Talk
:: It’s Just a Word (Dosem Remix) – The New Elastics
:: Filgud (Coyu Edit) – Ramiro Lopez
:: Morel’s Piano (Original Mix) – George Morel
:: Stupid (Original Mix) – Ramon Tapia
:: House Music (Surrealism’s “Daft Funk” Remix) – Benny Rodrigues
:: I Love Disco (Coyu Remix) – Mauro Picotto
:: Housenation (Original Mix) – Reblok
:: The Nu-Nu Sound (Oxia Remix) – Coyu
:: Physical Level (Original Mix) – Mladen Tomic
:: Raw Basses (Original Mix) – Jay Lumen
:: Flip to Old School (Coyu Edit) – Max Noize
:: Right Here Right Now (Coyu Remix) – Fatboy Slim + Coyu
:: Black Sheep – Samuel Dan
:: Put Em Up (Original Mix) – Emanuel Satie
:: Narita Express (Bailey + Hades “Floating Air” Rmx) – D-Nox + Beckers

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This mixdeck is just for fun and not for commercial use.
Copyright for each tune is owned by their respective artists and/or publishers, in this case Suara Music. For more info on copyright please see this page.