Are you ready to go back in the days? Not just the Nowhere days, I mean the real deal of the halcyon days of techno. So here we go, here is your time machine.

Check out another of my Nowhere 2016’s DJ sets from the Garden of Joy’s residency, a set almost completely played with massive tunes from… last century! True, you’ll hear (and dance to) some of the best underground hits from the ’90s, early 2000, and a few tunes also from the ’80s. As I said, the halcyon days of old geezer ravers like me.

I always drop the occasional classic tune (or loop) in my DJ sets, but I’ve been dreaming to play an entire set with classic hits from back in the days for a while, and I finally did it last summer at Nowhere. You’ll be hearing and dancing to some classics from early Detroit techno and Berlin underground (meaning Tresor, not Berghain), French techno from the illegal raves days, acid house ranging from Chicago to Manchester, and even some good old “logical progression” drum’n’bass. Sure, I’ve also mixed some recently hand-made loops and a couple of recent tunes, the kind of have “that vintage vibe”.

Are you ready to go back in the days? Just press play in the “time machine” below, and go!



Sorry the track list is missing, as I’ve been jamming with no pre-arranged playlist, but you can Shazam to figure out most of the tracks! Among the massive tunes in this mix you’ll certainly recognize classics from Chemical Brothers, Underworld, Inner City, Heretik Soundsystem, Laurent Garnier, Popof, Jon Hopkins, Daft Punk, Slam, Chab, Etienne De Crecy, Luke Slater, Azzido Da Bass, Mistress Barbara, Alex Gopher, Underground Resistance, Stanton Warriors, Capricorn and many more tunes and beats that will bring you… back in the days!

Note: this is just part of the 4hrs DJ set, I had to delete the second half of it before posting it online, so you are not really going to listen (and dance to) all the tracks I played live. Problem was that I have been sweating a lot and I dripped sweat all over the consolle. I managed to keep the sweat away from my computer but I ended up screwing my Traktor S4 controller for good.

I’ve burned one fader, a couple of knobs and one set of effects, so at the end of the set I screwed up a few times because of technology fails. People on the dancefloor has been supportive and they kept dancing anyway, but I wasn’t very happy with the recording of the last part of the set, so I cut off almost the entire second half of the set… a shame, as there were some pretty acid massive tunes, you would have loved them as much as all the ravers on the dancefloor did! =(

Personally, I don’t care about the controller – the most important thing was that everybody, including myself, had a hell of a fun! =)

Liked Vintage Techno Rave @ Nowhere 2016? Download the DJ set from here, enjoy it and share it with your friends!

This mix is just for fun and not for commercial use. Copyright for each tune is owned by their respective artists and/or publishers. For more info on copyright please see this page.