My closing DJ set for the Burning Man-inspired Go Animal party at the Ice Cube Club in Zurich. Unfortunately, this is one of my saddest memories in DJing, as it will remind me forever of a very bad discussion I had with my girlfriend right at the end of the DJ set, that ended up in a broke-up – and now I feel so miserable I wish I never been to Zurich to play the gig.
The trance-infused techno mix of this DJset is actually pretty awesome, so I hope that at least it will make someone happy – just not me. Not this time. =(



:: E-Doser – Popof
:: Let’s Take Drugs (Cedric Gervais Remix) – George Morel
:: Riff Machine (Mladen Tomic Remix) – Bass Kleph
:: Black Sheep – Samuel Dan
:: Bang Your Head – Riton
:: Nivanoise – Circles
:: Front Pocket (Nicole Moudaber Remix) – Sian + Mladen Tomic
:: AITU (Jokers of the Scene Remix) – Jokers of the Scene
:: Banga – Spada
:: Techno Raw – Coyu + Ramiro Lopez
:: Kissive – Ramiro Lopez
:: Hope She Ain’t Late (Teva’s CPH Remix) – Samuel Dan
:: Bad Photocopy of a Big Saw – Pan-Pot
:: Mr. Drive (Original Mix) – Hot Since 82
:: Tammo Chanter (Mark Reeve Remix) – Gary Beck
:: My Thing (Original Mix) – George Morel

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This mixdeck is just for fun and not for commercial use. Copyright for each tune is owned by their respective artists and/or publishers. For more info on copyright please see this page.