This is the DJ set I prepared for Fatturato, the afterparty of Venduto at CarnemVale 2013 in Milan – but I didn’t had the chance to play it. The afterparty, organized at the Q21 Club in Milan, was scheduled 6AM-noon, and I was supposed to play my set from 10 to 12. Everything went pretty well from 6 to 9 – the club was nice and so the music, people dancing with a very happy afterparty mood – but at 9AM the organizers told me the club owners wanted to close earlier (at 10AM) so they asked me to rush at the decks and play my set.

By the time I got everything set up it was 9.15-9.20 and, after only 10 minutes of djset, while everybody was happy on the dancefloor, the bouncers came up and, in a very rude way, they shut everything off. They said the reason was that the bar was not cashing in, so they decided to send everybody home. Just like this. Whatever – I moved on to my friends’ house and I played my set anyway and we all had fun. This is what you missed, Q21!



:: Ich R U (Van She Remix) – Boys Noize
:: 11º Nowhere (Jackspeare Remix) – Maya Jane Coles
:: Lose Control – Darkmountaingroup + Alex Santos
:: Dope (John Digweed + Nick Muir Remix) – Electric Rescue
:: Come to Berlin (Chloé Remix) – Barbara Morgenstern
:: No Moral (Original Mix) – Robosonic
:: Feldrecord Im Zirkus (Channel X Remix) – Laura Weider + Robosonic
:: Fairlight (Marascia Techno Flavoured Remix) – Dusty Kid
:: We Got Time (Alex Seda Running Out Of Time Remix) – Trent Cantrelle
:: Amnesia (Neon RmX) – Neon Bug
:: Bitchy Groove (Snake Plissken Remix) – Popof
:: Bad Photocopy of a Big Saw – Pan-Pot
:: Like What (Glimmers Remix) – Telonius
:: The Ridge (Oliver Klein + Peter Jürgens Remix) – Mason
:: Mos Poquito (Original Mix) – Sami Wentz
:: Go Deep – Willie Graff + Tuccillo
:: Deliverance (Original Mix) – Channel X
:: Conscious of My Conscience (Henrik Schwarz Dub) – Freaks + 012
:: Fighting Is Futile (Seth Troxler Remix) – Matthew Dear
:: Dance Til the Police Come – Peverelist
:: Doom Disco – Magda
:: Der Alte (Original Mix) – Kolsch
:: All That Matters (Instrumental) – Kolsch
:: I Care – Dyed Soundorom
:: All That Matters (Instrumental) – Kolsch

Liked my After The Afterparty DJ set? Download the DJ set from here, and feel free to share it with your friends! Remember: Fuck Q21 Club in Milan and all those clubs with no respect for a nice, happy dancefloor crowd!

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