It took me a month to finally be able to publish the recording on my closing DJ set at London Decompression 2012. The reason is that my laptop died just a couple of days after the set, and my poor baby has been in the hospital (Apple assistance) until yesterday! A month and 420 Euro later (hey! 420 again!) I finally got it back. And here we are!

The title Casualties on the Dancefloor came up while working on the London Decom playlist. “Really? Am I really going for remixed hardcore punk? Jeeee… I’m gonna make some casualties, this is pretty violent…“, but I decided to go for it anyway!

I guess this has been the darkest and most violent sound I played live since I dj – I mean, the hard techno or overnoisy track every now and then or the super acid sets are part of the classic trademark sound of Burningmax live, but this is the first time I do a 1 hour 30 minutes set that can make your ears bleed. And I liked it, and people on the dancefloor too. I underestimated the level of aural resistance of the Decom crowd – they actually loved it and neverfuckingstop danced until the end at 6AM, leaving no casualties on the dancefloor at all! Sweet! Now it’s your time to either enjoy it or being a casualty! =)



:: Upon Ourselves (Intro) – Argy feat Bajka
:: Climb feat. Aaron David Frith (Coyu Remix Instrumental) – JoASH
:: Circles – Nivanoise
:: Swing – Cortinez
:: Dark Space – Philipp Centro + Lukas Freudenberger
:: Blood Witness – Regis
:: You Are Not Alone (Burningmax remix)- Olive
:: Doom Disco- Magda
:: We Got Time – Trent Cantrelle
:: Autoerotique – Bubonic
:: Straight to the Point (Oliver Klein Re-Edit) – Oliver Klein
:: Vorsprung Durch Hektik (Mark Reeve Remix) – Extrawelt
:: All You Need Is Techno (Gesaffelstein Remix) – Arnaud Rebotini
:: Slam The Door – Zedd
:: New Noise (Steve Aoki Remix) – Refused
:: I Love Techno – Soulwax
:: El Fantasma Del Libertad (Zerodb Remix) – Raphael Sebbag
:: What Do You Do (Kinks Dub Remix) – Tom Trago
:: Crispy Bacon (Burningmax Remix)- Laurent Garnier
:: The More That I Do – The Field
:: I Cassius

Liked my London Decompression session? Download the djset from here and feel free to share it with your friends, specially the wild ones! =)
By the way, this was my third London Decompression closing dj set in a row, and I’m very proud of it! To listen to + download also the other two, just follow the links: London Decompression 2010 (also the first recorded live dj set to appear on this blog) and London Decompression 2011 (the #OccupyWallStreet set). Enjoy those too!

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