Forget ambient, and welcome to my house. Well, more tech-infused house (not tech-house) than proper house music, but fun anyway. Add several techno twists and loops, a deep bass and a couple of eyeblinks to dubstep grooves, et voilà! It even gets a bit acid towards the end… I promise this will get your dancefloor pretty sweaty and promiscuous, if you play it to the right crowd.

Can’t wait to play these sounds at 3-4PM DJ sets under the desert sun of Burning Man or Nowhere – where it all gets seriously groovy, sweaty and definitely promiscuous – but I guess this sound will work also at any other party, and it’s also good for night sessions.

Technical note for my DJ friends: mixed on my beloved Traktor S4 with all 4 channels constantly on!!! =)

Enjoy, download, share!


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:: Goodbye, Summer – Tanner Ross
:: Sex (Groundislava Remix) – Slugabed
:: It’s Getting Late – Claro Intelecto
:: Therapist – Wolf + Lamb
:: My Way – Amirali
:: Liquid – Dream 2 Science
:: Meant to Be – Nocturnal Sunshine
:: Love the Music (Elvis Suarez Remix) – RCMP
:: Corazón Mio – Lexy + Shades Of Grey
:: Lucy’s Affair – Blond:ish
:: Buried – Trevino
:: Could Be Anybody – Liviu Groza + Kennedy Smith
:: Dimensiones Imposibles (Pezzner Remix) – Maurice Aymard
:: Fissa Tune (Homework After Hours Dub) – Homework
:: Throwing Faces – Gregor Tresher
:: Christine (Al Bradley’s 3AM Deep Remix) – Single Man
:: So Clear – Commodo
:: Motus (Original Mix) – Ultrasone
:: That’s What I Told Sanchez – Michael Mayer
:: If You Want (Burningmax Remix) – Scuba

This mixdeck is just for fun and not for commercial use. Copyright for each tune is owned by their respective artists and/or publishers.
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