Welcome to my house. A dreamy, twisted, psychedelic, vintage, uplifting, joyful deep techno house. After all “that noise”, here are 3hrs+ of happy progressive house beats. Sure, I infiltrate everywhere techno, trance and even dubstep, but the overall mood is uplifting and playful, even when it goes into psychedelic sounds. And yes, I dropped a lot of vintage beats, including two or three original tracks from the end of the ’80s and early ’90s.
It’s been a lot of fun to mix it all, I hope you’ll have fun dancing to it!

I have been inspired to mix deep tech house sounds after following Laurent Garnier in his latest tour, and catching up with gigs and dancing myself to bliss 10 times in one year in Rome, Madrid, Liverpool, Munich, Barcelona and elsewhere, including at festivals like Sonar and the Monegros Desert Festival.

I even traveled with friends to Paris for the special night at the Rex Club dedicated by Monsieur Garnier to his fans to celebrate his 25th career anniversary as a dj. It’s been a beautiful epic night, and an amazing party with Laurent Garnier who mixed nonstop for more than 8 hours. That’s my boy.
This playlist includes many tracks Laurent Garnier has been playing at his recent gigs. Thanks Maestro, and happy anniversary again!

Time to move your asses to the dancefloor and start dancing! =)



:: Ocean – Taragana Pyjarama
:: Dope (John Digweed & Nick Muir Remix) – Electric Rescue
:: Forever Untold (Satoshi Fumi Remix) – Ian O’Donovan
:: Come Into My House – Tom Wax
:: Domino – Oxia
:: Summer – TWR72
:: Der Alte (Original Mix)- Kolsch
:: It’s the Everything- Shadow Dancer
:: Break Down – SIS
:: The Bells (Dick Ray Remix) – Jeff Mills
:: Jacques In the Box – Laurent Garnier
:: I Was So Wrong (feat. Sylwia Van Der Wonderland) – Nikola Gala
:: More Muzik (Original Mix) – Marc Romboy
:: Tus Ojos (Madben Remix) – QLONS
:: Insomnia (Popof Remix) – Pig & Dan
:: When A Man Sings On A Track (Original Mix) – Douglas Greed
:: Loa (Original Version) – Overcast Sound
:: Nuit De Mes RĂªves (Thomas Schumacher Remix)) – Scratch Massive
:: Spunky Shades (Federico Scavo Remix)- Avon Stringer
:: The Cry – Ramon Tapia
:: Resume – Slam
:: Vrijheid – Egbert
:: Embrace (Be-Beats Version) – Coyu
:: Doin’ Ya Thang (Original Mix) – Oliver $
:: Kill Bill (Original Mix) – Superstringz
:: Dimensiones Imposibles (Pezzner Remix) – Maurice Aymard
:: Crashed (feat. Queenie) – Stay+
:: E – Jack Dixon
:: Brunch (Tom Flynn Remix) – Andre Butano & Miguel Lobo
:: Penrose Steps (Original Mix) – Tom Middleton
:: Spunky Shades (Mind Electric Remix) – Avon Stringer
:: Adamantido (Original Mix) – Adam Proll
:: Electroluv (Original) – The 4th Wave
:: Gaberdine (Gerd Janson & Prins Thomas Remix) – Walls
:: Sail Away (Digitalism Remix) – The Rapture

Liked my vintage twisted house session? Download the djset from here, feel free to share it with your friends, dance and shine! =)

This mixdeck is just for fun and not for commercial use. Copyright for each tune is owned by their respective artists and/or publishers.
For more info on copyright please see this page.