I recorded this on July 10, 2020, a Friday I would have normally spent at the Nowhere festival, and very much playing live to dancefloors packed with dusty hippies. I would have also given my sets a psychedelic spin, since it was Friday. Acid Friday. But the Nowhere festival was canceled, as all other real life burners events worldwide, in this pandemic, dustless summer. It would have been my 14th Nowhere in 15 years, with just one leap year in 2018.

I was a bit sad, so I started with pretty chilled, almost cinematic tunes on my decks and in my headphones, embarking soon in a 6 hours set I played just for myself and my dog, in my own social isolation state.

This is the first part of the recording, the first 3 hours of chillout dance. Pretty much all 2020 tunes, with just a couple of exceptions, also for the inclusion of an amazing Portishead remix from my good friend Birdy, which I think he produced last year, not sure about that. And, to keep celebrate burners, I have also included the latest single by true Nowherians Frederika and Mike Krier, just released last July.

Well, here we go. I hope you enjoy this part one, and stay tuned for part two coming up soon.


:: Behave – Smeyeul.
:: My Sweet Isolation – DRWN.
:: Portishead Reboot Project (Birdy Acid Edit) – Portishead
:: Skies – Far Out Radio Systems
:: Le Ladi – Aldebaran
:: Like Water – DJ Boring
:: Carrie (feat. Alex Metric) – Fakear
:: Elevation – Disco Rigido
:: Lemuria – DNGDNGDNG & Dengue Dengue Dengue
:: More Than This – André Hommen
:: Turtle Funk – Patricia
:: Dream Distortion – Daniel Avery
:: Here in the Twilight (Nathan Micay Remix) – The Juan MacLean
:: Fünffleck-Widderchen (1979 Remix) – Dominik Eulberg
:: Lucid Dream – Mike Krier + Frederika
:: Imagine Gold (il:lo Remix) – Frameworks
:: What Is Real (feat. Liset Alea) [Deep in the Playa Mix] – Rodriguez Jr.
:: Replit – Aldebaran
:: Deep – Ben Hixon + JT Donaldson
:: Proof – Galcher Lustwerk
:: Stockholm Syndrome – DJ Boring
:: oooophi – DJ Python
:: Bermuda – Lubelski
:: Uni Blue (Luis Da Silva Remix) – Alva Noto
:: Blossom – Juno Mamba
:: Cymbals Rush – Applescal
:: Tokyo Asmr – Emanuel Satie
:: PNG (Praise No Ghosts) – Tornado Wallace
:: Just – Lane 8
:: Morphine (Aleksandir Remix) – Tora
:: Goldene Acht (Mind Against Remix) – Dominik Eulberg
:: Yes – Robag Wruhme
:: Bizarre Feeling (Jordan Remix) – Viper Patrol

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This mix is just for fun and not for commercial use. Copyright for each tune is owned by their respective artists and/or publishers. For more info on copyright see this page.