Technically, this mix shouldn’t be filed under “inflight” as I recorded on a fast train Bolzano To Rome. It’s more like to be an “onboard entertainment“, but allow me a bit more of creative freedom – and mostly, enjoy the new mix, a warm-up session for Burning Night 11 in Paris, where I’ll be playing the closing DJ set 5-6AM! See you on the dancefloor!



:: Boy Love Girl Song – Richard Tobar
:: Air ConditionnĂ© – Julian Jeweil
:: Nord – Jurgen Paape
:: Lola (The Dolphins Mix) – Duoteque
:: The Underwater World – Moonbeam
:: Nora Nights – Dusty Kid
:: Piumino – Roman Portela
:: Shadows of the Invisible – Conforce
:: Monjon – Pig + Dan
:: Alpha – Gabriel Ananda
:: Strange Aeons – Snoretex
:: Flashback (Christian Smith Remix) – Laurent Garnier

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