Room Beats is a boiler room style party broadcasted from the Together Mansion in Rome Trastevere, where I played many times, and it’s always fun!

Room Beats L.A.B. – Learn About Beats is the live podcast by Burningmax that “opens” for the Room Beats DJs. I present, play and mix the latest releases in underground music, giving details on tracks, artists, remixers, labels etc, with contributions from the Room Beats live audience and the Room Beats DJs.

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June 30, 2023

It’s “too hot to Room Beats” so no live Room Beats LAB podcasts from the Together Mansion this summer. But I’m not leaving you behind on the monthly fix of freshly released underground dance music.

No podcasts, but here is a “Summer Special” DJ set with the new tracks mixed with other killer tracks from this year’s podcast sessions. We’re going full rave with this one. Enjoy and stay tuned for tomorrow’s twin Room Beats LAB release “Summer Chill“.

Podcast highlights:

New singles by Leftfield, Dominik Eulberg, Roman Flügel, Flug, DOTT, FJAAK, Aikon, more hits from Laurent Garnier’s album, COD3 QR13 artist reveal + plenty of fat beats from the bass scene! Enjoy!


F-Sharp (Vinyl Cut) – Modern Minimal Sound Research
Come Together – Aikon
Gelbspötter (Etapp Kyle Remix) – Dominik Eulberg
Likshot – Surusinghe
Delete – Jubilee
Detuning Your Mind (Boulderhead Remix) – DOTT
Peacock Feathers – Anne
Can’t Get You Off My Mind (Disguised 11AM Closing Remix) – Liam Mour
We Inside (Culebra VIP) – Logan_olm & INVT
Duration – Barnt & Michael Mayer
Future Disco – Robert Babicz
Dusty Lick – Lars Huismann
Ruff Enuff Stuff – Ravetrx
Rapture 16 (Effy Remix) – Leftfield & Earl 16
In Your Phase (feat. 22Carbone) – Laurent Garnier
Mata Mata (Roman Flügel Remix) – Trikk & Gabriel Massan
Nevermind – Flug
Give It To Me – FJAAK
Born Slippy (Luca Morris Extended Remix) – Andrew Meller
Tales from the Real World (feat. Alan Watts) – Laurent Garnier
El Dia de la Pantera (Interlude) – Alex Medina


Room Beats L.A.B. – Learn About Beats is the new podcast by Burningmax that follows the airwave adventures of the two “seasons” of WTF – Wonderful Techno Frequencies @ Deli Radio and Pot Radio.

Room Beats is a boiler room style event held in the electronic lounge room of the Together Mansion, a co-living experiment in Rome Trastevere. I played a few times at Room Beats over the last few years.

Room Beats L.A.B. – Learn About Beats is the Burningmax podcast that “opens” for the DJs playing at Room Beats. I play and mix the latest underground electronic music releases, introducing tracks, artists, remixers, labels. Pretty much like I was doing with the WTF podcasts, only this time with the Room Beats live audience, that I interview about their experience in electronic music, and with the artists or labels I played. Of course I interview and try to get a few stories also from the Room Beats DJs.



Room Beats L.A.B. – Learn About Beats has a (roughly) monthly frequency. We go live from the electronic lounge of the Together Mansion every time there is a Room Beat event – pretty much every month. If you miss a show you’ll be still able to find all the podcast episodes on my MixCloud profile, and on this page, where you van also download the full podcast episodes.



Massimo began broadcasting on the radio in the 1980s, with a new wave, post-punk and indie rock music program, and with the name DJ Sonic. After that seminal radio show, which lasted a couple of years, he continued to produce mixtapes, compilations and mixes to be handled out to friends, and to sweat on dancefloor around the world, under any “influence”, from rock to dance.

In 2008 Massimo got his hands on a DJ console at the Burning Man festival, and since then the “fever” of the mix never left him: Burningmax was born, and in the last 15 years Massimo has played live in festivals around the world and explored the world of production, with a handful of remixes to its credit. In 2017 Burningmax returned to the radio with two WTF – Wonderful Techno Frequencies “seasons” at Deli Radio and Pot Radio, the expanded into the new Room Beats L.A:B. format thanks to the Room Beats live audience.



Thank you to the Together Mansion for being an amazing Burning Man-inspired hub and community, and for hosting the legendary Room Beats. Kudos also to everybody behind the organizing force of Room Beats, and more thank yous to the Trastevere-based sound gurus Studio 33 and HyperCast for their friendship and also plenty of technical advice for our podcast.



These podcast episodes and the mix included in the podcast recording are just for fun and not for commercial use. Copyright for each tune is owned by their respective artists and/or publishers. For more info on copyright see this page. Plus, hosting the DJ mix on MixCloud means that the artists recorded on each mix actually get royalties from the streaming platform.

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