I’m back to my roots, as Mr. Garnier would say… techno! Actually, TEKNO with a K, because this techno of raver/banging grade. Talking about Laurent Garnier, I was moved to record this studio DJ set as the French master just released a couple of new massive tracks last weekend, as part of a french movie soundtrack. Both of the tracks are here in this mix, opening and closing the 2 hrs set. I hope you enjoy them, and the rest of the mix!


:: Wistful Smile – Laurent Garnier
:: Death Valley – Genix
:: Rotary – Blackrachas
:: The Ceremony – Madben
:: Out of Control – Metodi Hristov
:: Raver – Oniris
:: Strike Encounter – Slam
:: Aufstand der Massen – Adana Twins
:: Roar (Adana Twins Remix) – Patrice Bäumel
:: Stargazing – Fur Coat
:: Hollow Earth – Rhett
:: Your Mind – Shiba San & Kevin Knapp
:: Staunch (Kettama Remix) – Dusky
:: Flip It Up – DIV/IDE & Tombz
:: Amongst the Gods – Dusky
:: Wrong Movements (Circles) – Efdemin
:: 618 (Kölsch Mix) – Gui Boratto
:: Turn2U – Kidnap
:: When I Am Only a Dream – ANNA
:: Kalacol (feat. Yuli Vainshtein) – Red Axes
:: Meeting, pt. 1 – Laurent Garnier

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This mix is just for fun and not for commercial use. Copyright for each tune is owned by their respective artists and/or publishers. For more info on copyright see this page.