A Burningmax tribute to Larry Harvey, Burning Man’s founder and Chief Philosopher Officer. Larry Harvey passed away a couple of months ago, and June 21st has been declared Global Celebration / Day of Gratitude for Larry Harvey.

I have dedicated Larry’s Gratitude Day to listening to several Larry Harvey video interviews and keynote presentations on YouTube (links below), then I decided to get some of the inspirational phrases he said out of those videos, and to mix them in a techno DJ set / studio mix.

There are a couple of flaws here and there, specially with the lack of equalization of Larry’s recordings, and a couple of saturated basses here and there – but this has been a “one shot recording”, a sort of “live at home”, in my headphone. Immediacy, no post-production. I hope you’ll like it, and will get inspired too.

As a matter of fact, I’m not sure if Larry would appreciate this, because, you know… techno was not his strong hat. But this is certainly the best way for me to say #thankslarry. You have been, you are and you will be one of my primary sources of inspiration, and so is the international community that spurred out of your hat. We’ll keep The Man burning.


:: Voyager – Redshape
:: The Primary Clear Light – Surgeon
:: Serpent – Patrice Bäumel
:: Space Smokers Are Invading Mars – Coyu + Bastian Bux
:: Black Screen – Flug
:: We Are Phuture (Sebo K Remix) – Phuture
:: Tanz Exotique (Marvin + Guy Version) – Cowboy Rhythmbox
:: Satara – Coyu + Bastian Bux
:: Deus – Tchami + Malaa
:: Urban Linien – Cloz
:: Joy Rider – Alan Fitzpatrick
:: Bowo – Popof

:: Burning Man 2016 – Art, Money and the Renaissance :: Burning Man 2016 GLC video
:: Autonomous Communities Fireside Chat with Burning Man Founder Larry Harvey and Stuart Mangrum video
:: Burning Man and its ethos – An interview with Larry Harvey video
:: “Consumerism as a philosophy is bankrupt and scary” – An interview with Larry Harvey video
:: Burning Man founder Larry Harvey talks to Frmr Congressman Dennis Kucinich :: 2015 Burning Man GLC video
:: Larry Harvey – Founder, Burning Man & Executive Director, Black Rock City – LeWeb London 2013 video
:: Larry Harvey on how Burning Man Festival created art with a social purpose video
:: Larry Harvey at Commonwealth Club (7/19/11) video
:: TEDxBlackRockCity – Larry Harvey video
:: Larry Harvey Talk Burning Man 2010 Regional Summit video

Cover art by: Burningmax (as usual)
Original Larry Harvey photo by: Katy Raddatz / The Chronicle 2007

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